Wood Betony

Betonica officinalis

Such a beautiful plant with such a beautiful effect. Wood Betony is lauded by herbalists for easing tension headaches and a feeling of ‘too much going on up top’.

Wood betony was considered one of the most important herbs in medieval Britain, revered both for its medicinal uses and its association with the spiritual realm. It has slightly gone out of fashion in modern times, known more as a ‘wildflower’ than for its herbal uses. Given how ‘stuck’ in our heads we have become as a culture, we could probably do with it coming back into fashion.

The plant itself is a perennial grassland herb. It prefers full sunshine but can tolerate some shade, and prefers moist but well-drained soils, but does need some watering in periods of drought. With its long-lasting purple flowers, we think it’s one of the most beautiful plants in the herb garden. It deserves a prominent position, perhaps with a bench next to it to provide a little sanctuary of calm in those moments of need.

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