How to make a hot infusion

By Sebastian Pole

What is a hot infusion?

It’s a cuppa, a brew, a chai, some cha. A hot infusion is how we generally make tea, by infusing herbs in hot water. Beautiful to look at, easy to make and delicious to drink, each herbal tea infusion harnesses the health-giving brilliance of our botanical kingdom.

How can I make a hot infusion?

For a standard cup of tea herb leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, roots and barks are usually infused in hot water.

The purpose is all about the intention of the tea. Do you want to calm down, a pick-me-up or a digestif?

Exceptional quality is all about the plant itself; how has it been grown –For us it has to be organic as that is the best and most sustainable system of farming in the world today. It also has to meet the high standards for quality. It also means that it consistently tastes great.

And finally is this tea doing good – to you and the planet as whole?

Essentially making a delicious tea that is good for you too is a bit like cooking a delicious meal; you need to combine a range of textures, tastes and delight to create an experience that is nourishing and delicious. It helps to have a clear intention of what benefit you are trying to create and who you want to benefit from drinking the tea, so I always take some time to reflect on this before I start blending. Often for rather a long time but when you know you have found it you know it.

Which herbs can I use to make a hot infusion?

Below are some of our favourite herbs to infuse in a hot brew:

How do I make a hot infusion?

Prep Time
5 mins

Cook Time
2 mins

Steep Time
10 mins


  • 2g Lemon Balm or thyme leaf  (or any of the above list)
  • 200ml Boiled water


  • Kilner jar or teapot
  • Sieve
  • Mug


  • Pour the freshly boiled water over the herbs of your choice. Make sure the herbs are covered.
  • Cover with a lid and leave to steep for 10 minutes.
  • Strain the infusion.
  • Drink when cool.

Helpful Hints

  • A herbalist would generally use a ratio of 1 part herb : 20 part water.
  • Most herbal teas should be made with freshly boiled water when the water temperature is around 95°C. More delicate herbs like lemon balm can be infused at slightly lower temperatures.

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