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Our journey to Earthsong Seeds

We created Earthsong Seeds to share something we truly love; sowing seeds, watching them grow into beautiful plants and enjoying their health-giving potential. And we especially want the seeds and plants we offer to encourage the tradition of the home apothecary; growing and making your own simple herbal health-remedies at home. Looking after ourselves takes many forms, and growing healing plants and then making them into various teas and potions, is something that we find thoroughly nourishing.

Whether you are a professional herbalist, gardening enthusiast, or simply enjoy herbal tea, we hope that the plants and seeds from our organic nursery will inspire you to add diversity into your garden, benefiting the birds and the bees, as well as your own health and wellbeing. Selected from the materia medica of the great herbal traditions flourishing in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia they are some of the most important plants in the world.

We are Sebastian and Ben and between us have many years of herb-hunting and organic herb growing experience. Sebastian, herbalist, gardener, and co-founder of Pukka Herbs and Herbal Reality, is passionate about herbal medicine and ecological conservation. Ben, ethnobotanist, photographer, co-founder of Biolaya Organics and former head of sustainable herb sourcing at Pukka, is passionate about protecting endangered medicinal species. We are both devoted to growing food and medicines in a way that nurtures Nature as well as ourselves. One of the great things about growing medicinal herbs is that they are so attractive to many insects. For not only are they all beautiful in their own way, they weave an essential loop in the ecology and health of all life.

And we both love seeds. Not just the fact that they hold the potential for life, or that something so small can grow into something so big and beautiful, but in every way imaginable; their special shapes, remarkable adaptability, and their potential for transforming health and wellbeing. One thing our herbal journey has taught us is that when planted in the right place, cared for correctly, harvested at the right time and prepared in the right way, herbs have the power to bring something very special into your life.

You can find lots of information throughout this site of our shared experiences of how to grow, tend, harvest, dry and make a range of preparations from the herbs. Some are very simple and some require more experience, but all are accessible and with a little bit of time, and some fortune with the weather, our hope is that you can grow your own unique garden of botanical delights.

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