Scutellaria lateriflora

Skullcap’s might should not be underestimated by its small stature. Used by herbalists to calm the nervous system and relieve anxiety, skullcap is (in 2023) currently our best-selling seed and clearly an important ally in these uncertain times.

A hardy perennial native to North America, skullcap is often found growing in damp meadows and wetlands, so is well suited to the British climate. It is a humble, unshowy plant, equally as happy in shady corners as it is in full sunshine. It has a shallow root system that, given the right conditions, will quickly spread through its rhizomes. It is an easy plant to divide and multiply once established.

Harvest the aerial parts as soon as it produces its first flowers. A cup of fresh skullcap tea is said to be more potent than the dried herb – another reason to grow it yourself rather than buy it from the shops. Read on for more details…

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