Our new trial range of ‘Live Plants’ – everything you need to know

By Ben Heron

We are excited to announce that we are now offering a small range of certified organic ‘Live Plants’ – available on our website here.. 🥳

Why buy Live Plants?

There are times when you just can’t beat buying a plant that you can pop in the ground and off it grows. Not everybody has the time or the space to grow herbs from seed. And even if you do want to start from seed, there is no guarantee that you will be successful. Seeds require a lot of care and specific conditions to germinate, and even when you’re successful, the slugs or the weather may still have a say in the end results.

Or maybe you just want to get off to a head start while you wait for your seeds to germinate, or you’ve left it too late in the season for sowing seeds. Or perhaps you want to give someone a herbal gift knowing that seeds, whilst appreciated, may never be sown!

What size are your Live Plants?

For now, all of our live plants are available in 9 x 5cm pots as in the photo below. We decided to use this size for a number of reasons; the relatively small diameter makes it easier and cheaper to send in the post than regular sized plant pots, and we can fit lots more into the limited space in our nursery and polytunnel, yet they are large enough to support a healthy and robust root system.

Our Live Plants come in 9 x 5cm biodegradable pots

Which herbs are available as Live Plants?

We have chosen some of your favourite herbs to include in our range of Live Plants, including echinacea, skullcap, tulsi, chamomile and many more. However, as they are all being sown at different times, with some taking longer than others to grow, the plants listed on the website will vary from week to week, so do keep coming back to check availability on the Live Plants page.

Once the Live Plants outgrow their pots we plant them into our bare-root beds where they continue growing before being offered as bare-roots in the winter.

Do you use biodegradable packaging?

Yes, all our packaging is made from biodegradable materials. The plant pots are made from wood pulp, and the only packaging we use during delivery is cardboard and hemp fibre.

The plants are rolled up in cardboard tubes for delivery and cushioned with hemp fibre to keep them protected during transit.

What to do with the plants when they arrive?

You can either transplant the plant into a larger pot, or plant them directly into their final destination in your garden.

The plants can be planted directly into the ground in their pots, but for best results we actually recommend taking the plants out of the pots before planting. You can either re-use the pots or just put them in the compost.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the quality of the plant(s) when they arrive please let us know asap by sending an e-mail to info[@]earthsongseeds.com with photos of the plants and we will either refund you or send our more plants.

Will you be expanding your range of Live Plants?

Yes, definitely! The current range of plants is a small pilot project that we hope to expand in 2025. If there are any herbs that are not in the list above that you’d like to buy as a Live Plant, or any other feedback, please do send us your suggestions.

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