Clary Sage

Salvia sclarea

Best known as an uplifting essential oil, clary sage also has a long history of use in treating digestive complaints and menstrual cycle disorders.

If you are already a fan of clary sage essential oil, you will love the plants even more. There is something special in the euphoric aromas of the fresh flowers that that simply cannot be captured in a bottle. Our advice is to take a flower, sit back against a tree and breathe her in.

Clary sage is a biennial, which means that you normally have to wait until the second year for the flowers (but will occasionally flower in the first year). It requires full sunshine and does best in well-drained soil, but otherwise is an adaptable plant that requires little care once established. In full flower it reaches around 1m tall. Make sure you sow new seed every year to ensure you have flowers every year.


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