Basil, Genovese

Ocimum basilicum

The ‘Genovese’ variety of sweet basil is a cultivar developed in Genoa in Italy and is the the classic basil that makes the best pesto. It is rich in essential oils with a reputation for relaxing digestion.

If ever there was a genus to describe how delicious health can be, Ocimum is it. And especially Ocimum basilicum, emanating such glowing, verdant health. Often considered to be just a culinary herb, Genovese Basil is of course a powerful plant medicine. Like many of the basil family, such as its relative tulsi aka holy basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), it has a long use for helping digestion, inducing a sense of clarity and generally improving life.

Basil is a plant that should grace every home and garden. Simple to germinate, it likes a nice warm place to thrive- such as a light-filled windowsill or greenhouse. Grows well outside in a sheltered spot in any free-draining soil. Plant as much as you have space for.

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