Angelica archangelica

As its name implies Angelica archangelica is held in high repute for its ability to offer protection and care. Its most common use is as a remedy to soothe digestion and invigorate the blood.

Angelica is a majestic plant that sends flowering umbels high above the herb garden in early summer when many herbs are still waking from their winter slumber. It is a large plant that requires space in the garden and imparts a sense of spaciousness in the gardener.

Being a biennial, it will only grow to its full height and produce flowers in the second year. If it is left to produce seed, it will die after the second year (but is a prolific self-seeder so tends to hang around). You can prolong the life of the plant by cutting off the seed heads before they are mature.

All parts of the plant can be harvested, but it is the root that is most commonly used by herbalists and should be harvested in the autumn of its first year of growth.

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