Bergamot, Wild

Monarda fistulosa


Native to the prairies of North America, the aromatic leaves of wild bergamot have long been used by Native Americans as a spicy garnish or as a herbal tea to ward off winter colds.

Do not confuse ‘wild bergamot’ with the citrus fruit ‘bergamot’ (a hybrid between lemon and orange) that is used to make bergamot essential oil and flavour earl grey tea. Wild bergamot is a perennial herb that belongs to the mint family and contains many of the same essential oils (and flavours) as oregano and thyme. This gives it a characteristic sharp and acrid bite.

Also known as ‘Bee Balm’, for the obvious reason that bees love it, Monarda fistulosa has evolved into many different varieties. We grow a lavender coloured variety that thrives in the UK climate (or at least it does in the Somerset climate). It is easy to grow and a valuable herb to add to a herbal tea or use in the kitchen.

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