How to sow your seeds -
a beginner's guide

Propagating from seed is by far the most satisfying way of growing herbs. And so long as you follow a few basic principles, anyone can do it.

Humans have been breeding plants – mostly food crops – for thousands of years, selecting seeds that display the genetic traits that we are looking for – including quick and reliable germination. In short, we have been slowly coaxing these plants into changing their behaviour to meet our needs.

Herbs are a little different. With the exception of some culinary varieties, most herbs have spent relatively little time – if any – out of their natural habitat. You could say they are a bit more ‘wild’. And with their wildness comes a number of strategies to survive and reproduce in challenging environments, including the need for specific conditions for their seed to germinate. If we are to succeed in the herb garden, we need to adapt to meet the needs of the herbs rather than trying to bend them to our will.

So with this in mind, there are a few key principles to pay attention to:

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